Feminism And Race: Just Who Counts As A 'Woman Of Color'? / by Souhila Baba


Lindsey Yoo discusses the need for a more inclusive feminism

Yoo illustrates the often overlooked irony of todays feminist movements in actually isolating other women. The conversation around “women of color” easily excludes the voices of those who fall out of the black-white binary: Asians, Arabs, Latinas, Native Americans to name a few. She highlights the failures of the #solidarityisforwhitewomen movement in addressing this deficiency. The dismantling of racial hierarchies, she argues, can only be done when the voices of all women of color are heard and legitimized. As an example, Yoo points to the selective criticisms prominent feminists present, such as praising Orange is the New Black for its portrayal of race and gender whilst failing to mention the inadequate and racist representation of Asian female characters in the show. She illustrates how “women of color” can forward the social agendas of a minority who fit narrow public perception, despite upholding the illusion of being an inclusive movement as it stands today.

In this highly engaging article, Yoo ultimately pointing towards the need to foster true solidarity within the women of color and feminist communities by fully embracing the far-reaching diversity within these groups. Read the full article here.